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Web Portal Development !

A simple website targets a single business while a web portal acts as a gateway to many pages (which can be independent sites too). This is why the web portal development is not that much easy task like design and development of a simple web page! But the Zoom Web Media has the expert and experienced designers who know how to design layouts that does not look dull and developers who create smooth functionality.

There can be several types of web portals and the nature of these portals are different. While a job portal primarily concentrate on job related tasks, the news portal has a wide sphere to cover. Similarly a web directory or Yellow Pages virtually work as search engines (Yahoo is a successful portal cum search engine). So it is clear that the development of a web portal is little bit different and involves expertise for sure.

Just take a social networking site (a good example of popular web portal). It has a lot of functionality or web applications involved. On the other hand in every web portal there is a huge role of database. What would be the database (MS SQL or MySQL)? The integration of these relational database management system (RDBMS) needs to be perfect for making the flow of information proper.

The Zoom team is expert at web portal development. We know how a web portal should be designed keeping the business potentiality (advertisements or promotional materials) in place. Any time you need a web portal contact us. We would help you from strategy creation (ROI analysis) to complete development.