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Mobile Application Services from Zoom Web Media

With the change in lifestyle and visible speed up in modern life, usages of mobile devices have gone up through the roof these days. Everyone is quite keen on remaining connected with the rest of the world almost all the time. You cannot access your website or social media accounts from a train or bus or your car if there isn’t any mobile devices in your possession.

In order to make your mobile device capable enough for such usages, certain measures have been taken and quite a few things have been developed. Normally, people are not much bothered to get deeper into the matter, but if you are truly interested in using these mobile platforms for business or professional purposes, then having the basic idea about the happening will be quite beneficial.

Keeping that in mind and to help you with the process of handling the mobile medium well, we at Zoom Web Media has come up with quite a few mobile services and they include:


Ipad apps development

Ipad is one of those brilliant devices manufactured and sold by famous brand Apple. It is also one of the most popular mobile devices available and used in the market these days. In order to use this platform, you will need different operating system and applications. We are developing various Ipad apps to help you do that. By opting for this service, you will ensure that, your website or business will have the same level of visibility with the Ipad crowd as it has with the other mobile devices using crowd.

Ipad web development

An iPad can be used for both web development and the process can be used for creating websites that are accessible through an iPad. We are providing this service to ensure that, your website does not lose its prominence and presence in any way even when people are using a different mobile device than the others. Moreover, responsive technology is being used to make your iPad compatible.

Android Apps development

Android basically in an operating system which backs a huge number of mobile devices being used these days. It can be a Smartphone or tablet PC or laptop or such. We develop various apps for this OS to make it more accessible and convenient for you, your website and the visitors who are using that OS and checking out your website. In short, these applications are primarily android centric and are created to serve various purposes on the same platform.

Android Web development

An android device can be quite easily used for web development purpose and at the same time, websites can be developed that can be easily accessible through devices having this operating system. We can do both, which means you can have a website developed through an Android powered device and have a site which has the elements to be completely compatible with the said OS.

Cross Platform Mobile

Apart from an iPad and an Android powered mobile device, there are other devices which are differently powered and sports different operating systems. In order to bring them together or make something equally accessible through every available OS, you will need the help of cross platform mobile. We do create such platforms and work upon them to ensure that, your website remains equally prominent and visible in every platform and through every OS.

Being an IT and development company, Zoom Web Media is more than capable of catering towards your need for an OS specific or cross platform website or applications.